Metamorphika Studio presents the gallery’s second show, Seán Whelan Dempsey’s debut solo exhibition ‘Reflections on Dis-Ease’.
Oil on canvas; 102cm x 76cm

3D Render of the space just beofre opening 
Seán’s work is deeply personal and in most cases could be described as autobiographical. Through making, inspiration is drawn from that which is close.

Seán highlights his own lived experience; focusing on a fractured sense of self, addiction, and mental illness. Through the process of painting, these experiences are manipulated and exploited through disturbing yet humorous surrealistic imagery. 

Sheane Keelings:Too Hot, Too Heavy. - click for more.
‘Reflections on Dis-Ease’ is an on-going body of work highlighting moments of stress, tension, and expectation. Looking to the past as well as the present, the work aims to convey a sense of discomfort in one’s own skin, a sense of disassociation or dis-ease. 

The works displayed are framed within a similar context, aiming to communicate a sense of turmoil, oftentimes honing in on themes of self-punishment and personal scrutiny.
Visual reference material has varied from piece to piece. Inspiration has, at times, been drawn from books which have been collected/borrowed. More often than not however, the figures and surroundings have been drawn directly from Seán’s own day to day life.
The closing aact was Rose Beaumont & Alberto Garcia Roca: Stress, Tension and expectation. - click for more