From April 11th - 21st 
Metamorphika Studio presents the gallery’s second show, Sean Whelan Dempsey’s debut solo exhibition ‘Reflections on Dis-Ease’.

Sean’s work is deeply personal and in most cases could be described as autobiographical. Through making, inspiration is drawn from that which is close.
Seán highlights his own lived experience; focusing on a fractured sense of self, addiction, and mental illness. Through the process of painting, these experiences are manipulated
and exploited through disturbing yet humorous surrealistic imagery.

‘Reflections on Dis-Ease’ is an on-going body of work highlighting moments of stress, tension, and expectation. Looking to the past as well as the present, the work aims to convey a sense of discomfort in one’s own skin, a sense of disassociation or dis-ease.

The works displayed are framed within a similar context, aiming to communicate a sense of turmoil, oftentimes honing in on themes of self-punishment and personal scrutiny.

Visual reference material has varied from piece to piece. Inspiration has, at times, been drawn from books which have been collected/borrowed. More often than not however, the figures and surroundings have been drawn directly from Sean’s own day to day life.