Yemalla, a visionary textile artist and costume designer, as our next resident. Yemalla's unique creative process involves translating her internal feelings into textures, resulting in living sculptures that embody tangible sensations. Inspired primarily by her invisible self, her work captures the essence of emotions through instinctive, whimsical, and often absurd designs.

In exploring what home means, Yemalla invites us to consider the deeper aspects of this concept. What is home? Is it a place, a feeling, or a state of being? Embracing absurdity, weirdness, and a touch of childishness, Yemalla crafts misunderstood creatures that coexist among us, challenging our perceptions and inviting us into a world where the intangible becomes tangible. Her creations are not just costumes or sculptures; they are living, breathing extensions of her inner world, each piece telling its own story.

As we delve into the imaginative and emotive universe of Yemalla, we are prompted to reflect on our own interpretations of home. Is it a sanctuary of emotions and textures, a haven of creative freedom, or something entirely different? Join us in this exploration, where art and emotion intertwine to create extraordinary living sculptures, and discover what home means to you.